Updates and Breaking News

County nears drought status

As much as we enjoyed the handsome young El Nino effect on our weather, he just did not stay around long enough. His irritating old-maid sister, La Nina seems to be running the show these days.

A look at the Texas Drought Monitor website reveals, “Much of the Southern Plains suffered as stifling heat baked the soils while precipitation was non-existent.…

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Eighth Annual 4B Bike & Music Fest Prepares for Thousands

The rumbling roar of motorcycles and rock music will fill the air in Brownfield in a few weeks, as thousands of the two-wheelers will roll into two for the eighth annual 4B Bike & Music Fest.

More than 7,000 people attended last year’s rally, which has grown every year since the inaugural get together of a few hundred friends on their bikes east of the city.…

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Work continues at steady pace at McDonald’s

Work has been impressively speedy on Brownfield’s McDonald’s, which closed its inside restaurant last month for a major remodel.

Gone is the local franchise’s playground and an entirely new and extended facade is going in day by day with brick work underway.

Bill Cohen told the Brownfield News that the local McDonald’s hasn’t been upgraded in more than a decade, but the scheduled work will make this restaurant as good as new.…

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Sports Updates

Pujols hits two 3-run HRs, streaking Angels beat Rangers 8-6

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — The fastball hit Albert Pujols in the side of his batting helmet, glancing off the bill and barely missing his face. The slugger went down in a frightening heap, but eventually dusted himself off and ran the bases.

The Los Angeles Angels are also trying to get up from a rough start to their season, and their veteran slugger is leading with both his example and his potent bat.…

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Adams named Tech assistant

Texas Tech’s newly named head men’s basketball coach Chris Beard announced his coaching staff this week and a Brownfield native’s name is on the top of the list.

Mark Adams, a 1974 graduate of Brownfield High School will serve as an assistant coach for the Red Raider basketball team.

Adams served as Director of Basketball Operations from 2013 through 2015.…

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Swoopes fired from Loyola

Loyola has fired head coach Sheryl Swoopes after investigating claims that she mistreated her players, the university announced on Sunday.

“Sheryl Swoopes is no longer serving as the women’s basketball coach at Loyola University Chicago,” athletic director Steve Watson said in a statement. “A search for her replacement will begin immediately.…

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Area News

BIDCorp adds new board members

Brownfield Industrial Development Corp named two new members to its board of directors Monday and reappointed a third.

Birdsong Peanuts General Manager Michael Franke and Brownfield News Editor Brian Brisendine both were appointed to new three year terms on the board.

The pair replace Trey Didway, who resigned to take his new role as District Judge, and John Lochridge, who resigned to travel more in retirement.…

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Terry County Cemetery clean-up underway

When our loved ones pass on and are buried, a trip to the cemetery to honor their memory should ideally be a restful, peaceful time of reflection. Not upsetting because of the shape the cemetery grounds are in.

In Terry County, we are blessed with great cemeteries which are, for the most part quite well kept.…

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Terry County Cemetery Association Rules and Regulations

Instructions for Space Owners and Holders:

1. Burial vaults either partially or entirely above ground are prohibited.

2. A permanent type container such as a concrete liner or burial vault is required for all adult interments. The only exception is indigent services paid by Terry County.

3. Only one casket will be permitted in each grave, except where special or unusual circumstances exist.…

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