Wildcats to learn dollars and sense

September 13, 2017

We graduate educated children, but sometimes we don’t graduate smart kids. Stay with me! I mean many students graduate from high school with plenty of book knowledge but not much knowledge in the way of handling money and making smart financial choices. At Wellman-Union High School, this will no longer be a problem.

Starting this year a “Dollars and Sense” class is being taught. This is a Texas Education Agency curriculum that meets all the necessary TEKS requirements. This class teaches pretty much basic financial life skills that even many adults still have not mastered.

The class, being taught by Coach Eric Irwin is being offered as a elective for juniors and seniors this year. Secondary Principal Steve Osborn is excited about the course. “We think this is going to be great for these kids. It teaches them so many things they need to know before they get out into the world. I wish more of our students could take the course.”

The class has a textbook, plus a computer and a video component. There are speakers on the video, such as Dave Ramsey, famous financial advisor, offering advice and knowledge to the students.

“We know Dave Ramsey knows his stuff and we were happy to see him included in this curriculum,” stated Osborn. “We hope this program will give our students a solid foundation of financial wisdom.”

Subjects taught in this class include budgeting, bargain shopping, investing, planning for retirement, life after high school, avoiding debt, keeping a healthy cash flow and many other things. The class also teaches the students about careers in finance that are available.

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