Welding students tower above

November 27, 2017

BHS Welding Class recently completed a project for the Tahoka High School Band. The band tower was built at BHS and delivered to Tahoka. Pictured with the tower in place at Tahoka are, left to right – Tristin Garcia, Carroll Rhodes – Tahoka’s band director, Sheldon Jacquez, Shelby Smith and Andres Rodriguez.

Project highlights impressive skill

Brownfield ISD students are really “learning on the job” in the welding program at BHS.

Welding Instructor Shelby Smith has the students working hard each day and learning all about welding and even careers in welding.

Tahoka ISD contacted the BISD welding department about building a band tower. This is a tower which allows the band director to be high enough to monitor marching band practice to see where changes need to be made.

Brownfield welding program took the project from concept to delivery.  The project presented many challenges including calculating compound geometric angles, and building a tower while laying down on its side.

The welding students even gave a presentation to Mr. Carroll Rhodes, TISD Band Director and Mr. Alan Umholtz, Superintendent of TISD presenting different project designs and ideas.  The meeting was set up as if the students were business owners meeting with prospective customers and pitching ideas for a project.

“A project of this size and scope is a great real life learning tool for these students who plan on making a living in a welding related career,” stated Smith.  “I am proud of the fact that the skills students learn in this program will help them be successful in life, and we are fortunate in our school to have  programs that engage students who may not choose to go to college and can give them the tools they need that can be successful in a career. ”  

“Building the tower was not an easy task but with the proper planning and execution we got it done.  It was a great experience form the day we had our interview with the Tahoka band director and superintendent to the final day when we watched them stand it up,” stated Sheldon Jacquez, senior welding student.

“The tower was a great project. Everyone got to help build it and we all learned something new.  For me it was how to use a paint gun.  It would have looked better with a “CUBS” on it but I am glad Tahoka gave us the opportunity to prove what we can do,” stated Jackson Pruett,  senior welding student.

The tower was rolled out of the shop door on dollies and the base was finished outside, because otherwise it would not have fit through the door.  

At that point it was picked up and loaded on a trailer by Cat Gonzales and his team at Brownfield

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