Unleashing an idea: BHS grad’s new invention is ‘for the dogs’

September 13, 2017

When Michael Brian graduated from Brownfield High School  in 1999 he headed for Texas Tech’s school of Architecture. And he has made quite a name for himself in Lubbock, in his field.

He has worked in real estate development with GRACO Real Estate. In fact, if you have been to Restaurant Row or the new West End Shopping Center in Lubbock, you have been to two of his many projects.

But, architecture and real estate development are not his only interests. “I have always enjoyed brainstorming invention ideas. It is kind of a hobby with me,” stated Michael.

He has that kind of mind that looks at the world and thinks, “What else?” and “Why not?” It is that mind that began throwing around ideas about his latest idea.

“I had been working on a project that involved magnets. At the same time, I had rescued a second dog, Baxter to go along with Cooper. While Baxter enjoyed going for walks, he would never sit still long enough for me to put the leash on him,” stated Michael.

This frustration got him to thinking about a better way. “I started thinking about how that leash process could be simplified using magnets and how the collar, harness and leash market hasn’t changed too much in the last 20 plus years.”

At that point, Michael thought he might really be on to something with this. His first few prototypes were sewn together by his mom, Beth Brian, who was a longtime teacher in the BISD system and credited with creating the Silver Spoons program which won numerous awards.

These first prototype models worked great. Michael stated, “I then began to work with a factory to produce what would become the final design.” It took months of testing and tweaking the design. As of this week, the Magdog collar and leash system has been released.

This system is really an ingenious idea. In watching the video on Kickstarter, which is a crowd sourcing web site where people can pre-order the products, you see the collar or harness on the dog and the leash is basically just laid across the collar and slides into place on the magnet. It is a great idea.

If all goes according to plan, Michael feels the product will begin shipping late February of next year. But, for now you can go to Magdog.com and follow the link that goes to Kickstarter to see how it all works and get in on the pre-ordering.

We have all had “that dog” for which a collar and leash system such as this one would have been a Godsend. Well, now it is here, or will be soon.

The Collar, Harness & Leash system have been tested countless hours over the last year while walking Cooper and Baxter with different prototypes. Michael stated, “One unexpected test on a daily walk was encountering a nomadic skunk with my two over 100 pound dogs who had never seen a skunk before. Needless to say, MAGDOG successfully kept me and the boys at a safe distance.”

It is great to see our own kiddos going out and taking the world by storm. Just one more example of the really great kids that have come from right here in Terry County.

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