STAAR testing to begin

April 9, 2018

The Texas STAAR testing, which is always met with much emotion, begins this week.
Tuesday, April 10 –
Grade 4 and 7 Writing
Grade 5 and 8 Mathematics
English I
Wednesday, April 11 –
Grades 5 and 8 Reading
Thursday, April 12 –
English II
Friday, April 13 –
Make-up sessions for all tests
More testing dates are scheduled for May.


Whether we agree with standardized testing or not, it’s a non-issue when it comes to our children in the classroom. They have to take the test, regardless of our personal opinions. If you want to know more about  STAAR and how it compares to TAKS, there are some great resources on the Texas Education Agency website. Here are some tips to help your child through STAAR testing week.

1. What they should expect. Talk to your kids about what to expect and how the STAAR test is not that different from regular tests and exams. Sometimes just reminding them that they already have the skills and a record of success can build their confidence.

2. Sample tests. If they are feeling stressed, you can see examples of the types of questions and problems kids can expect at Let them take a sample test and see how well they do. Talk through some of the problems that may be challenging them.

3. Get plenty of sleep. A tired child cannot stay focused for hours on end.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast. In many cases, schools are providing hot breakfast for kids this week. Check with your local school. Sometimes getting to school early to have breakfast with friends can help relax your child and take their mind off the test.

5. Make sure they get plenty of exercise and free play time after school. Their minds need a mental break and after sitting all day, your younger ones will have excess energy to burn off. Physical activity is also great for helping kids relax and sleep better!

6. Support and praise them. It may sound simple, but just tell them you are proud of them and know they will do a great job.

7. Eat Healthy. Send a healthy lunch or talk to your kids about choosing a healthy lunch at the school cafeteria. Explain how healthy food supports their brains, kind of like Popeye and his spinach!

8. Surprise them with a special note. Put a note in their lunch box to just say hi and you hope they are having a great day. Nothing fancy, just a sticky note saying “I love you” will lift tired spirits. Got older kids? Send them a quick lunchtime text showing your support. Don’t ask how it’s going, just say, “I am thinking about you, have a great day.”

9. Go to a dollar store and buy a couple of fun, colorful pencils. Even something this small brightens their day and gets them excited. As we near the end of the school year, pencils tend to be worn down and erasers nearly gone, make sure your kids are prepared.

10. Celebrate when the testing is complete and again when you get the scores. Acknowledge your child for their effort and their success. It might help to tell them that you will go out for ice cream or for a movie or a walk in the park at the end of the week.

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