Red Raiders honor Sears

February 5, 2018

One of Brownfield’s oldest citizens had quite the treat recently. Louise Sears, who is 92, received a personal invitation from Texas Tech Men’s Head Basketball Coach Chris Beard to attend a practice and meet the team. This honor came about when Beard found out how long the Sears family has had Tech Men’s Basketball season tickets.

Louise stated, “Odell (her late husband) and I first started going to watch basketball when the boys were still playing in the ‘Old Barn.’
That was in 1956. When the Colliseum first opened in 1957, the Brownfield family bought a block of tickets and Odell was able to get some of those. In 1963, Odell finally was able to get season tickets for the family.” Louise stated there was a waiting list for tickets back then.

She spoke of the days when athletes such as Dub Malaise were playing, “It was a packed house back then. I have seen it packed and I have seen it nearly empty but we have always been there.”

A young man, Ryan Smith, who has seats on the floor near where Mrs. Sears and her family sit is who originally made the contact that got this whole thing going. Ryan is only 16 but has his sights on reporting one day and saw the potential story in Louise’s record of attendance.

So, on Thursday afternoon Louise, her daughter Susan and Marilyn Adams, whose son, Mark Adams,  just happens to be one of the coaches on the men’s team arrived at practice and were so impressed with all the athletes and the coaches.

“They were so respectful and were so serious in their practice. They weren’t doing any horsing around. It was serious practice to them.” Louise did get to meet all the players. “I felt so small compared to those boys.”

She was able to shake everyone’s hand and was impressed with each of them. “They all thanked me for my support and Coach Beard thanked me over and over,” stated Louise.

“I told them we have always been supportive of the Red Raider basketball program. Win or lose, we have always been there. But last night (Wednesday night’s last second overtime win over University of Texas) y’all nearly killed me!”

Louise stated she felt that she and Odell never really wasted any money and maybe the season tickets was money they could have saved, but they went together as a family and enjoyed their time there. Money well spent, it sounds like.

Texas Tech would be hard pressed to find a more loyal fan and one who has been wearing that Raider red and black as long as Louise.

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