Points of Pride: “Hail Brownfield High School. Hats off to you . . .”

November 9, 2016


As I think back to my days at BHS and our school song, there are many teachers and coaches that I would tip my hat to. Many selfless educators trying to “fix me.” Through the good and bad days, always there to reassure me that anything is possible. I feel like their interest in me laid the foundation of what I am now.

I would like to let them know how grateful I am to them for touching my life.

First off, Coach Pete Davis. Coach Davis was so inspirational because he had that never quit attitude. Coach Davis let me know that some days are going to be tough, but only the strong will face the day and give all they have to defeat the day. Coach, I also appreciate the whistle to the helmet. Popping my ears when I ran something wrong on the football field. The class of 1994 were referred to by Coach Davis as his “Sweethearts.” Thanks Coach Davis.

Being raised by my mother and grandmother, I never had a father figure in my life until my freshman year. Coach Rocky Ford, I cannot thank you enough for always showing me fatherly love and showing me right from wrong. Teaching me to be a competitor, not only on the field but in the classroom. Even though I lacked effort in the classroom, Coach Ford would sit with me until the work was done. Thank you Coach Ford for never giving up on me.

As I was turning into a young man, my drive, my passion was and is the game of baseball. Coach Wendell Brown was my coach and he was a good one. It never took long to know how a day on the diamond was going just by looking at Coach Brown. He was intense and demanded near perfection. I can remember a time playing Canyon Randall, Coach Brown gave me a bunt sign, I ignored the sign. Next pitch, I hit a triple to get to third base. Coach

Brown was still upset with me. I remember asking him why he was so upset. “Jeff, to be a college player, you have to have discipline.” I understood what he meant when I tried baseball at the next level. Coach Brown taught me that baseball lessons are life lessons. Thank you Coach Brown for keeping the pressure on me to be the best I could be.

Now, 22 years later, I am back in college working on my teaching degree. I can honestly say that these men at BISD took the time to sculpt me into what I am now. I never in a million years thought that becoming a coach at BISD was possible. I am a true testament to the fact that if you never quit trying, you be whatever you set your mind to.

Brownfield ISD is a great place to receive an education. I firmly believe the teachers and coaches we have at BISD have the best interest at heart for each and every student every day. From the top with Dr. Tanya Monroe to our Athletic Director, Coach Welps to all our teachers, they are all working to pave a path to success for all our students.

Hats off to you, Brownfield ISD.

I am Jeffrey Fabila and I am a proud Brownfield High School graduate.

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