Miss Sophia goes to Washington

February 7, 2018

Sophia Campa-Peters, the nine-year-old Brownfield girl who captured the attention of the world returned to Brownfield this week following brain surgery in Boston on January 26.

Sophia is doing remarkably well and recovering nicely from the surgery. Her mother stated it will be some time before they know for sure that the surgery has helped.

In layman’s terms, the doctor basically built a bridge of sorts over one affected area of the brain to bypass an area where vein collapse is going on. That is a very simplistic description of a very intricate surgery but it gives a bit of a visualization of what actually went on.

But, for now Sophia is home and showing no ill effects at this time.

Sophia has many follow-up visits ahead of her, and if this surgery proves to be a success, likely more surgeries  to come. Right now, though, there is something big ahead of Sophia and her mom this week.

Sophia and her mother, Karyn Campa-Peters, flew out early Wednesday morning to head to Washington to be guests at the Annual White House Prayer Breakfast. They will be seated with Congressman Jodey Arrington at the 7:30 a.m. Thursday affair and hope to get to see the President. Sophia stated, “I can wave at him.”

But when asked what she was most excited about, Sophia responded in typical nine-year-old fashion, “The bacon!” Her mother stated, “Sophia thinks that is what everyone is coming for.” Well, being an invited guest of the President is pretty cool, but we would all agree that bacon is also pretty high up there!

The breakfast will last around two hours and the Peters family is not really sure what to expect. They are just excited to be invited and have the opportunity to attend. The breakfast is to be held in the Washington Hilton, where the pair will be staying.

Dad, Scott and brother, Jonah will be remaining behind this time, but hope to get to make a Washington trip another time.

Jonah, who is 12, is quite protective of his sister and even though they do act like a typical brother and sister, Jonah recognizes that what Sophia is going through is a mission for their family from God. “We know there is a bigger purpose than just getting Sophia well.

Of course we all want her well, but we know that God has a greater plan in all this.” Wise words from a 12-year-old.

Sophia was excited as she toured the Brownfield News office and bounced around just like any other little girl, but she did pause long enough to say, “Tell everyone I said thank you for praying.”

Scans and tests will be done within the next six months to a year to determine how the blood is flowing in Sophia’s brain.

Continue to pray for her and her family.

Watch the Brownfield News Facebook page for updates from the breakfast.

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