Gonzales wins Mayor race

May 9, 2018

Fewer than 10 percent of registered voters participated in Saturday’s municipal election, but those who did chose Geronimo Gonzales to wield the Mayor’s gavel for the next two years.

Gonzales earned 274 votes, while Leon Pope earned 261.

The tight race was even closer when early voting totals were tallied, showing Gonzales to have 210 votes, to Pope’s 205.

Elections Administrator Krystal Valentin reported three provisional ballots in the race — two in early voting and one on Saturday — but their outcome will not affect the results.

“We did hand count the ballots because we didn’t receive the correct computer chip for our counting machine,” Valentin told the Brownfield News. “But everything went smooth and there were no problems during early voting or on Election Day.”

The final count concluded prior to 8 p.m. Saturday, less than an hour after polls closed.

Gonzales kept track of the election results by following the Brownfield News’ social media pages and once his victory was announced, he was humbled and honored.

“There were definitely a few tears of joy and a lot of smiles,” he said. “It’s an amazing feeling when people believe in you, so now I’m ready to go to work and earn that confidence they placed in me by voting for me.”

Gonzales will be sworn in Thursday morning at the next City Council meeting.

He said he enjoyed running for the office and he appreciated that he and Pope maintained a “clean race.”

“I didn’t want this to be about mud slinging in any way and I am glad we kept our messages positive and more about what we want for Brownfield. As Mayor, I intend to have an open door and I will always listen to the citizens of this community. I hope people will take me up on that.”

The Mayor’s race was the only one on Brownfield’s ballot, but voters in Meadow and Wellman got to select school board members for each district.

In the race for the Wellman-Union School Board, Jace Monroe earned 71 votes and Gave Neill earned 45 votes, outpacing Ryan Dill with 20 votes.

In Meadow, Ruben Villalpando earned 68 votes, Jody Woodard earned 57, and Daniel Harrington earned 39, while Ryan Smith trailed with 25 votes.

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