Council joins PSC seal coat program

February 19, 2018

The City of Brownfield City Council met in regular session on Thursday morning, February 15. Mayor Tom Hesse was out, as was Councilwoman Tresa Sparks. Mayor Pro Tem Leon Pope presided over the meeting.

The Council did agree to enter into a partnership with other cities with Parkhill, Smith and Cooper for a 2018 seal coat program. This has been done in the past. Joining with a larger group on this allows each city to receive a better deal on the seal coat.

On the agenda was a proposal from the Brownfield YMCA to take over operation of the Brownfield Aquatic Center. No one appeared from the YMCA.

The question posed by Pope was if the YMCA did take over operation of the Center, who would liability fall back on. City Attorney Lena Trevino felt that since the YMCA did not spell that out in their proposal, they are likely not planning to assume any liability but she felt this was a question only their representative could answer.

Councilman Chuck Nave stated he just didn’t see an advantage for the City in relinquishing operation of the pool and he made the motion to continue as it has been in the past. Mike Swaringen seconded the motion  and the Council voted to just continue to run the Aquatic Center as it has been run in the past, under the supervision of the Parks and Recreation  Department.

Also on the agenda was an item in which the Council was to hear from representatives of Guar Resources, LLC regarding  their utility deposit. Again, no one from Guar Resources was in the room. The Council maintained their position that no further BIDCorp money would be distributed to the company until the matter of the utility deposit was settled.

The amount of the next check to Guar Resources is around $86,000. The deposit in question is around $38,000. The feeling of the Council is that the deposit should be subtracted from the $86,000 in BIDCorp money. The problem arises in that the utilities remain in the name of West Texas Guar, which has been in bankruptcy.

Guar Resources maintains that because WTG remains in bankruptcy, the city cannot hold them responsible for the utility deposit under the WTG name.
Trevino reminded the Council that they already had a motion and a vote in the minutes from a previous meeting to hold the utility deposit out of the incentive check. “The question before you today is do you want to lower the utility deposit as Guar Resources is requesting?” Members of the Council felt that the City had done enough and the deposit would not be lowered. The vote was unanimous to keep the deposit the same amount.

Next on the agenda was the briefing on upcoming work by Texas Department of Transportation on the intersections of West 4th and Main and West 6th and Main. These intersections are heavily traveled and have gotten quite rough over the years.

The briefing stated that both these intersections would be worked within the next two months and the bricks removed. Long term plans by TxDOT includes the possibility of the removal of all the brick on West Main.

TxDOT did state they felt like a Public Relations campaign should be conducted prior to that decision. TxDOT wants the City to be sure the citizens are informed every step of the way regarding the brick streets.

Pope stated he knew that people want the bricks downtown but we can’t keep asking TxDOT to come in and repair these streets again and again.

Currently in the TxDOT plans is to extend the pavement 50 feet west from the 4th Street intersection in order to do a better job of repairing the problem.

There was some discussion of the Lynn Brisendine Plaza just built and it is accentuated by the bricks around the Courthouse. Ultimately, the decision will be made by TxDOT.

The Council voted to extend the term for the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone from December 31, 2020 to December 31, 2025.

The Council did go into a lengthy Executive Session and took no action on returning. The meeting was adjourned.

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