Broncos hold off Cardinals for narrow win

October 9, 2017

By Mandy Contreras, Staff Writer

The Meadow Broncos are now 4-2 after a homecoming win over the Hermleigh Cardinals Friday night.

The Broncos narrowly escaped a Cardinals comeback, and emerged victorious in the shootout, by a score of 64-60.

Bronco Seniors Ruben Moya and Reagan Perez were crowned this year’s homecoming King and Queen during the game.

Moya went on to have an exceptional game, scoring six of the Broncos’ touchdowns, including the first score of the night. Meadow Senior Riley McBee followed with two touchdowns.

The Broncos went up early on and were leading by as much as 22 points by the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Cardinals were first to score, but the Broncos were quick to answer back.

An interception from Broncos’ Jordan Flores and a quick score from Ruben Moya had the Broncos up 44-16 in the second quarter.

Later in the quarter, a Cardinals interception landed them some points on the board.

The first half ended with a last second touchdown from the Cardinals, the score being 50-33 going into halftime.

The Broncos seemed to be in complete control of the game in the first half of play, but struggled to keep the Cardinals contained in the second half.

The Broncos continued to add to their score, but allowed the Cardinals to claw back with scores of their own.

Broncos’ Ruben Moya was the only Meadow player to pick up a score in the third and fourth quarters, scoring once in each.

Despite the Hermleigh comeback, the Broncos never gave up and refused to let the game fall out of their hands.

The Broncos sealed the deal, after preventing the Cardinals from scoring on their last few attempts before time ran out.

Next week, the Broncos will host Motley County.

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