BRMC: Roof work ahead of schedule

December 6, 2017

Work is nearing completion on a million dollar project to re-roof Brownfield Regional Medical Center’s vast main building.

The 65,000 square foot roof over the hospital’s single-story main structure has been completely renovated following a hail storm that struck the community in the Spring.

The work is being administered by JFerg Roofing of Lubbock at a cost of $1,006,296.88.

Thankfully for BRMC and local taxpayers, the hospital is only responsible for a $12,000 insurance deductible — just over one percent of the project’s total expense.

“We feel very fortunate to be getting this much work done for that small a sum,” said hospital CEO Jerry Jasper. “We’re getting a better roof than we had and we now have a 20 year warranty. It’s a great deal for our hospital and for our community.”

The work has been underway for more than a month, but is at least two weeks ahead of schedule. The construction plan called for completion by December 31, but Jasper expects crews to wrap up this week.

The project was a major undertaking, which saw as many as five layers of previous roofing materials removed.

Most of the existing roof was saturated with water when it was removed, according to BRMC maintenance director Ricky Joplin. He said the new material was the best available.

JFerg workers took the hospital roof all the way down to the decking, then replaced it with 3.5 inch Rigid Insulation and a half-inch DensDeck material, topped with 60 millimeter TPO barrier which was fully adhered with heat treatment.

The new roof is a vast expanse of smooth, white material, which will reflect sunlight and help reduce utility bills at the medical facilities.

Crews also detached and reset all mechanical fixtures, such as air conditioners, replaced all duct work, fascia, curbs, drains, and other accessories. “They (JFerg) have done a great job and other than a few noisy days, we have had no issues,” Jasper reported. “They have kept our campus clean throughout the process and worked around and with our schedules when necessary.”

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