BHS Senior headed to Carnegie Hall

November 6, 2017

You know the old joke. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice.

Certainly BHS Senior Macy Vincent can attest to that.

Macy received notification this week that she will, in fact, be playing at Carnegie Hall in New York in February. After years of practice.

Macy started band in sixth grade, has stayed with it and has pretty much dedicated her life to band. She is currently serving as Drum Major and she plays the bass clarinet.

Last year, Macy earned the distinction of being Second Chair All State. An extremely high honor. In fact, it was this honor that brought her name to the attention of the folks at Carnegie Hall.

Macy received an application packet, which in her words “was huge.” The packet came in May.

In July, she recorded an audition tape and sent it to New York. And this week, Macy received her notification that she had been accepted and invited to play Carnegie Hall. “I was so excited.

I couldn’t believe it was true,” stated Macy. She will head to New York on February 1 and the Honors Performance Concert will be held on February 4. Macy will be playing with a full orchestra, after a few days of practice with the best of the nation’s best.

Carnegie Hall is not Macy’s only big honor. She has also been selected to play with the Lubbock Youth Orchestra, in which she will be a part of two concerts this year. She will also be auditioning for a Concerto Solo this coming Monday, which will be performed in the Spring with the LYO.

Macy has verbally committed to attend West Texas A&M next fall to be a part of the WTAMU band. Macy stated, “They have a really good music education program and it just seemed to fit what I want to do.” Macy’s plans for life should come as no surprise. She wants to become a band director.

Macy stated she has learned much from band that doesn’t even involved the playing of an instrument. “I have learned determination and responsibility. Lots of responsibility. I have learned the value of perseverance. If you want something bad enough, you will work hard to achieve that goal.”

Macy has also made many good friends from across the state who will likely remain friends, due to their common interest.

Macy would like to thank her band directors for being willing to put in the extra time with her and working with her to achieve her dreams.

Assistant Band Director Alta Striggles-Lee stated, “Macy is the hardest working student I have ever had. She practices like it is a full time job. I am sure she puts in at least 40 hours of practice a week.”

Striggles-Lee feels Macy has definitely earned the honors that are coming her way. She also noted that Macy is quite humble about her talents and abilities. “She is never boastful. She probably doesn’t even begin to see herself as talented as she really is,” stated Striggles-Lee.

“She told me her goal was to be a better musician than me. I am pretty sure she has achieved that goal.”

When asked what interests she has, outside of band, Macy replied, “When? Band is my life.”

Just the way she likes it.

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