All local schools ‘Met Standard’

August 16, 2017

All three of Terry County’s public school districts and their respective educational campuses joined some 95-percent of Texas’ public school districts to earn the Texas Education Agency’s highest accountability rating designation for the 2017 reporting year, according to a press release issued by the agency on Tuesday morning.

Meadow ISD, Wellman-Union CISD and Brownfield ISD all achieved the rating of “Met Standard” in the 2017 report, which also saw the number of individual campuses achieving a rating of “Met Standard” or “Met Alternative Standard” increase from the 2016 reporting year.

According to a review of the report by the Brownfield News on Tuesday morning, all Terry County public school campuses “Met Standard,” with the Middle School earning Distinctions for Academic Achievements in Math and in Top 25 Percent Student Progress measures. Oak Grove Elementary earned a Distinction in Academic Achievement for Science.

The 2017 TEA ratings are based on a system that uses a performance index framework that includes four areas: Index 1 – Student Achievement (which provides a snapshot of performance across all subjects); Index 2 – Student Progress (which measures year-to-year student progress by student group); Index 3 – Closing Performance Gaps (which emphasizes the academic achievement of economically disadvantaged students and the lowest performing racial/ethnic student groups); and Index 4 – Postsecondary Readiness (which emphasizes the importance of earning a high school diploma that provides students with the foundation necessary for success in college, the workforce, job training programs or the military).

According to the TEA, to earn a rating of “Met Standard” or “Met Alternative Standard,” a campus or district must meet the target on either Student Achievement (Index 1) or Student Progress (Index 2) – plus meet the targets on Closing Performance Gaps (Index 3) and Postsecondary Readiness (Index 4).

“We are very proud of our students and staff and we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that goes into improving our scores every year,” said Dr. Tanya Monroe, BISD Superintendent. “We have seen progress and we continue to strive to do even better at every level because we know what our great students are capable of.”

Wellman earned distinctions in Reading/ELA, Social Studies, and Post Secondary Readiness.

Meadow earned distinctions in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Post Secondary Readiness.

The TEA, on Tuesday, announced that more than 400 campuses that achieved a Met Standard rating in the 2017 state accountability ratings also earned all distinction designations applicable to their individual school.

Distinction designations are awarded to campuses based on achievement in performance indicators relative to a group of 40 campuses of similar type, size, and student demographics.

Depending on campus grade levels and type, the number of potential distinction designations can vary.

“Amazing work takes place in classrooms across our state every school day, but especially on these campuses where every possible distinction has been earned,” said Commissioner of Education Mike Morath.

Also on Tuesday, TEA officials announced that 58 school districts and charters that achieved a Met Standard rating in the 2017 state accountability ratings have also received a distinction designation for postsecondary readiness.

The postsecondary readiness distinction – the only distinction at the district level under the state accountability system – takes into account factors such as graduation rates, ACT/SAT participation and performance, Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates, and dual-credit course completion rates.

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