January 16, 2018

A young resident wants every person in the world to pray
“All 10,000 of them”

By Gina Kelly, Staff Writer

“And He said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.” Mark 9:29
The Bible speaks often about prayer and the value of coming before the Father in prayer. He hears our prayers and is faithful to answer. His answers may not always be what we want, but His answers are always best. We have to trust Him for that.

There is a little girl in this town who has the heart of a fighter and who believes in the power of prayer.

Sophia Marie Campa-Peters is the just turned nine year-old daughter of Scott and Karyn Campa-Peters. Sophia has been diagnosed with “unknown genetic vasculopathy.” Basically, what this means is that the blood vessels in her brain are narrowing and closing off and not enough blood is getting to her brain.

According to Sophia’s mother, Sophia had a major stroke at age six which left her paralyzed on her left side. The doctors felt like the damage done by the stroke was irreversible. But, three years later, Sophia is able to move and feed herself and live an almost normal life. The doctors were amazed, but Sophia was unimpressed. Her mother stated, “Sophia just says, ‘God healed me.’” Sophia believes in prayer. She is convinced that prayer works because she has seen it working in her own life.

The stroke event is when the family found out what was going on in Sophia’s brain. Sophia goes to Cook Children’s Hospital in Dallas regularly for monitoring.

Sophia is now scheduled for a major brain surgery in Boston Children’s Hospital on January 24. Sophia’s request is not for money or any kind of trip or anything like that. Sophia, in her own words, wants people to pray. “Sophia wants everyone around to pray, pray, pray on January 24. So much so that God will say, ‘Alright people! Alright! I hear you!’”

And that is what we are asking. Pray for Sophia. Pray for her surgeons. Pray for her family.

Karyn stated, “We don’t know how much time we have with Sophia. The surgery at Boston will buy us more time. There is no known cure for what Sophia has.”

Karyn says Sophia has good days and bad days. Her short term memory is not good and every day is a surprise for this beautiful and bubbly little girl.

Karyn stated that her son Jonah, Sophia’s 12- year-old brother said, “God gave her to us for a reason. She has been a miracle.”

Jonah encouraged Karyn to go global with the message for prayer. Sophia’s response was, “You mean everyone in the world will be praying for me? All 10,000 of them?” She was told there were many more people than that in the world. “So, 11,000?” was Sophia’s response. From this conversation, the family has begun to use #10,000people as their hashtag on social media posts.

Karyn has been trying to get the word out so that Sophia’s goal of “the whole world” praying will be met. She emailed Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel and actually heard back from his office. And not a canned e-mail either. Karyn was told that Prime Minister Netanyahu would be responding with a personal e-mail.

A friend with connections to the Minnesota Vikings has contacted them and they are on board to pray for Sophia. Her request now is for President Trump to pray for her on the 24th, as well.

And some local folks with some pretty close connections are trying hard to make that happen for Sophia too.

The Campa-Peters family have a website set up where you can get more information. The website is www.ninjakittensophia.com. Sophia  calls herself a ninja because of how she fights but she is also a kitten, so that is how the website was named. Go to the website and read their story and see how you can help the Campa-Peters family.

The family has lived in Brownfield for four years and Karyn stated they love it here. “This is our home. We have fallen in love with the town and the people.”

Spread the word. Make a note on you calendar. Put a reminder in your smartphone. Remember to get up on the morning of January 24 and call Sophia’s name before the God that hears and answers prayers.

“Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20. 

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