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Warrant Roundup to target offenders

February 8, 2017

The clock is ticking for residents with outstanding warrants to take care of the matter before then end up behind bars.

Representatives of law enforcement agencies and courts from more than 300 jurisdictions across Texas announced Friday their combined efforts to host the 2017 Great Texas Warrant Roundup beginning Thursday, February 23.…

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White fields mean pleased farmers

February 6, 2017

What a difference a year makes! This time last year, there wasn’t much that looked bright on the horizon as far as local agriculture was concerned.

Producers were left reeling with cotton being completely written out of the Farm Bill and were pretty much at a loss on how to make the best of what they were dealt.…

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Junior High FBLA results

February 1, 2017

The Area 1 Future Business Leaders of America Conference was held on Wednesday, January 25 at Wellman-Union High School. A Junior High School competition was held at this event, as well as high school.

First and Second Place winners will advance to State Competition in San Antonio in  March. Wellman-Union Junior High competition results were as follows:

Keyboarding Applications II
First Place – Peyton Harvey

FBLA Facts
First Place – Madison White
Fourth Place – Nikki Holland
Fifth Place – Peyton Harvey
Sixth Place – Justin Sanchez

Calculator Skills/Business Math
Fifth Place – Hagen Connett

Fourth Place – Leslie Meija
Fifth Place – Nikki Holland

FBLA Creed
Second Place – Madison White
Fifth Place – Justin Sanchez…

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“Can you hear me now?”

February 1, 2017

How many of us have heard the phone ring, rushed to answer and find out it is a tele-marketer or worse, a scam artist? How do you know the difference? How can we be safe?

There is a new scam being perpetrated, seemingly every day. And there are ways to protect ourselves and those we love from falling victim to these scam artists.…

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Woman arrested following pursuit

January 30, 2017

A Lubbock woman was taken into custody south of Wellman Thursday morning after leading Brownfield Police officers and Terry County Sheriff’s deputies on a high speed chase that began in Brownfield and reached speeds of over 100 mph.

Angelica Cortez, 20, of Lubbock, was arrested on a number of charges, including unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, evading arrest with a motor vehcile, and reckless driving.…

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Man killed in Thursday house fire

January 30, 2017

A house fire that claimed the life of a man Thursday evening remains under investigation, according to Fire Marshall Dennis Rowe.

Firefighters and paramedics were alerted to the blaze at 808 South 6th Street just after 7:30 p.m. and found the home in flames.

One person, 30-year-old Jessie Raymond Russell, was found in the residence.…

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Sales tax rebates released

January 23, 2017

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced last week he would send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $647.4 million in local sales tax allocations for January, 4.9 percent more than in January 2016.

The City of Brownfield saw a slight increase in sales tax revenue in the month, compared to last year, receiving $113,392.50, a 3.25 percent increase over the $109,817.63 last January.…

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Duck Pond revamp to begin soon

January 23, 2017

Work will begin soon on renovations to one of the city’s most popular recreation destinations, according to Scott Jackson, Director of Parks and Recreation at Thursday’s City Council meeting.

Gillham Park, more commonly known as the duck pond, is set for a major makeover, including a permanent third pond, walking trails, playground equipment, public restrooms, and an RV park.…

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Wellman-Union Stock Show Results

January 23, 2017

Grand Champion Rabbit: Madison White

Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Becca Mixon

Grand Champion Goat: Becca Mixon

Reserve Grand Champion Goat: Ally Mixon

Grand Champion Swine: Tony Loewen

Reserve Grand Champion Swine: Lily Key

Grand Champion Steer: Jacy Rowden

Reserve Grand Champion Steer: Jordan Conner

Junior Goat Showmanship: Ally Mixon

Peewee Swine Showmanship: Brason Dill

Junior Swine Showmanship: Tony Loewen

Senior Swine Showmanship: Risa McQueen

Peewee Steer Showmanship: Jerzee Harlan

Junior Steer Showmanship: Swayzee Harlan

Senior Steer Showmanship: Jacy Rowden…

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Meadow Local Show Results

January 18, 2017


First Place  and Breed Champ – Wes Woodard
Second Place and Reserve Breed Champ – Ricky Gonzales
Third Place – Hayden Wade

Light Medium Wool
First Place and Reserve Breed Champ – Ricky Gonzalez
Second Place – Madilee Castilleja
Third Place – Jordyn Castilleja
Fourth Place – Reagan Perez
Fifth Place – Laura Sanchez

Heavy Medium Wool
First Place and Breed Champ – Kreede Orum
Second Place – Wes Woodard
Third Place – Ricky Gonzalez
Fourth Place – Reagan Perez
Fifth Place – Maggie Ridenour
Sixth Place – Makayla Johnson

Fine Wool
First Place and Breed Champ – Kreede Orum
Second Place and Reserve Breed Champ – Laura Sanchez
Third Place – Makayla Johnson

Grand Champion Lamb – Kreede Orum
Reserve Grand – Ricky Gonzalez
Senior Showmanship – Kreede Orum
Junior Showmanship – Wes Woodard
PeeWee Showmanship – Jordyn Castilleja


Class 1
First Place – Joey Harrington
Second Place – Joey Harrington
Third Place – Reagan Perez
Fourth Place – Brady Parker
Fifth Place – Bryan Parker

Class 2
First Place – Breeah Young
Second Place – K’Lynn Tarin
Third Place – Madilee Martinez
Fourth Place – Kamarie Dawson
Fifth Place – Jordyn Castilleja

Class 3
First Place – K’Lynn Tarin
Second Place – Ricky Gonzalez
Third Place – McKenna Smith
Fourth Place – Reagan Perez
Fifth Place – Brynlee Young
Sixth Place – Allianna Villalpando
Seventh Place – Jordyn Castilleja
Eighth Place – K’Lynn Tarin

Class 4
First Place – Reagan Perez
Second Place – Kreede Orum
Third Place – Chanse Smith
Fourth Place – Jordyn Castilleja
Fifth Place – Madilee Martinez
Sixth Place – Brady Parker
Seventh Place – Brady Parker

Class 6
First Place – Reagan Perez
Second Place – Reagan Perez
Third Place – Breeah Young
Fourth Place – Brynlee Young
Fifth Place – Allianna Villalpando

Grand Champion Goat – Reagan Perez
Reserve Champion – Reagan Perez
Senior Showmanship – Kreede Orum
Junior Showmanship – Brady Parker
PeeWee Showmanship – Breeah Young


First Place – Ryder Day
Second Place – Riggin Day
Third Place – Trenton Harrison
Fourth Place – Brady Caswell
Fifth Place – Spring Nichols

First Place – Brady Caswell
Second Place – Trenton Harrison
Third Place – Spring Nichols

Grand Champion Steer – Brady Caswell
Reserve Grand – Ryder Day
Senior Showmanship – Trenton Harrison
Junior Showmanship – Ryder Day



First Place and Breed Champ – Bryden Smith
Second Place – Kylee Jackson
Third Place – Kyle Woodard

First Place and Reserve Breed  – Chanse Smith
Second Place – Brayson Parker
Third Place – Robert Herrera

First Place – Robert Herrera
Second Place – Desiree Villegas


First Place and Reserve Breed – Haydon Wade
Second Place – Chanse Smith

First Place and Breed Champ – Christopher Breedlove
Second Place – McKenna Smith


Super Light
First Place – Taylor Caswell
Second Place – Cayden Melton
Third Place – Kamarie Dawson

First Place – Kate Smith
Second Place – Brady Caswell
Third Place – Trenton Harrison

Light Medium
First Place – Brady Parker
Second Place – Taylor Caswell
Third Place – Ellie Breedlove
Fourth Place – Bryan Parker
Fifth Place – Robert Herrera
Sixth Place – Trenton Harrison

Heavy Medium
First Place – Chanse Smith
Second Place – Morgan Day
Third Place – Desiree Villegas
Fourth Place – Gavin Villegas

First Place  and Reserve Breed – Lexi Humphrey
Second Place – Grayson Warren
Third Place – Zachary Franco
Fourth Place – Zaden Villegas

Super Heavy
First Place and Breed Champ – Kaylee Humphrey
Second Place – Kaylee Humphrey
Third Place – McKenna Smith
Fourth Place – Cortney Day
Fifth Place – Kennedy Nichols


First Place and Reserve Breed- Bryan Parker
Second Place – Lexi Humphrey
Third Place – Brady Parker

First Place and Breed Champ – Jazmine Haile
Second Place – Maggie Ridenour
Third Place – Kamarie Dawson


First Place and Breed Champ – Bryden Smith
Second Place – Cayden Melton

First Place and Reserve Breed – Kate Smith
Second Place – Bryan Parker
Third Place – Bryden Smith
Fourth Place – Grayson Warren

First Place – Lexi Humphrey
Second Place – Haydon Wade
Third Place – Wes Woodard
Fourth Place – Allianna Villalpando


First Place and Breed Champ – Brayson Parker
Second Place – Emma Jackson
Third Place – Spring Nichols
Fourth Place – McKenna Smith

First Place and Reserve Breed – Kaylee Humphrey
Second Place – Desiree Villegas
Third Place – Jazmine Haile
Fourth Place – Kyle Woodard
Fifth Place – Allianna Villalpando


First Place and Breed Champ – Taylor Caswell
Second Place – Grayson Warren

First Place and Reserve Breed – Kate Smith
Second Place – Cortney Day

Grand Champion Swine – Kaylee Humphrey
Reserve Grand – Bryden Smith
Senior Showmanship – Lexi Humphrey
Junior Showmanship – Kate Smith
PeeWee Showmanship – Brayson Parker…

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