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October 23, 2017

November- 15, 2017- Deadline to Report 2018 Native & Improved Grasses  & Alfalfa.

December 1, 2017- Deadline to buy NAP grass Policies for 2018 crop year.

December 4, 2017- Deadline to return COC election Ballots to the county office.

January 15, 2018- Deadline to Report 2018 Wheat, Grapes, Fall Oats

March 15, 2018- Deadline to Report Pecans

March 15, 2018- Deadline to purchase NAP for Watermelons, Pumpkins, Spring Fruits/vegetables, Haygrazer.

July 15, 2018- Deadline to Report peanuts, cotton, corn, grain sorghum, CRP, All other spring planted crops

August 1, 2018- Deadline to enroll in 2018 ARC/ PLC  program

-Please call for an appointment for certification so we can better serve you.

-Our office recently processed all 2016 ARC/PLC Farm Program payments, 2016 CRP rental payments. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Elections for the 2017 County Committee
USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Committee Elections are underway in Terry County.

It is important that every eligible producer participate in these elections because FSA county committees are a link between the agricultural community and the USDA. The 2017 election in Terry County will be conducted for the representative Local Administrative Area (LAA): #1- East part of highway 82 (Lubbock Highway) and the east part of Highway 137.  

County committee members are a critical component of FSA operations. Committees should be comprised of members who reflect the diversity of producers involved in production agriculture in Terry County.  This means that producers representing underserved groups or communities should be on the committee to speak on behalf of their constituency.   

Underserved producers are beginning, women and other minority farmers and ranchers and land owners and/or operators who have limited resources. Other minority groups including Native American and Alaska Natives; persons under the poverty level, and persons that have disabilities are also considered underserved.

County committee election ballots will be mailed to eligible voters on Nov. 6, 2017.  The last day to return completed ballots to the Terry County USDA service center is Dec. 4, 2017.

For more information on eligibility to serve on FSA county committees, visit: www.fsa.usda.gov/elections.

Changing Bank Accounts

All FSA payments should be electronically transferred into your bank account. In order to make timely payments, you need to notify the office if you close your account or if your bank is purchased by another financial institution. Payments can be delayed if we are not aware of changes to account and routing numbers.

Farm Loan Graduation Reminder

FSA Direct Loans are considered a temporary source of credit that is available to producers who do not meet normal underwriting criteria for commercial banks.   

FSA periodically conducts Direct Loan graduation reviews to determine a borrower’s ability to graduate to commercial credit. If the borrower’s financial condition has improved to a point where they can refinance their debt with commercial credit, they will be asked to obtain other financing and partially or fully pay off their FSA debt.   

By the end of a producer’s operating cycle, the Agency will send a letter requesting a current balance sheet, actual financial performance and a projected farm budget. The borrower has 30 days to return the required financial documents. This information will be used to evaluate the borrower’s potential for refinancing to commercial credit.   

If a borrower meets local underwriting criteria, FSA will send the borrower’s name, loan type, balance sheet and projected cash flow to commercial lenders. The borrower will be notified when loan information is sent to local lenders.     

If any lenders are interested in refinancing the borrower’s loan, FSA will send the borrower a letter with a list of lenders that are interested in refinancing the loan. The borrower must contact the lenders and complete an application for commercial credit within 30 calendar days.  
If a commercial lender rejects the borrower, the borrower must obtain written evidence that specifies the reasons for rejection and submit to their local FSA farm loan office.   

If a borrower fails to provide the requested financial information or to graduate, FSA will notify the borrower of noncompliance, FSA’s intent to accelerate the loan, and appeal rights.

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