Peanut harvest almost finished

November 29, 2017

Peanut harvest is just about wrapping up for most farmers in Terry County and just like everything else this year, each one you ask has a different answer about the quality and quantity of the crops.

Grady Herron of Tejas Peanuts stated, “Overall, I would say it looks about like last year, maybe just a bit better. This includes the quality of the nuts, as well as the quantity.” Grady feels like they might finish up this week.

Over at All Star Peanuts in Wellman, this harvest is done. J.R. Cudd, manager of All Star stated, “We are finished up right now. Last year, we took in our last peanuts on December 28, so we are a month ahead of where we were last year.”

As far as the crop is concerned, J.R. felt like the quality was up this year. “We didn’t have any harvest weather to worry about too much. There was no freeze damage. The guys were able to get into the field and get them out.”

He stated they are having storage issues this year, due to the amount of peanuts harvested. “We are storing in trailers and everywhere we can find a place.”

Now that harvest is done, about a six month process of loading them out will begin. “We are loading them out as fast as we can right now. The price is not as good as last year, probably because of the abundant crop. We are just over supplied right now,” stated J.R.

Birdsong Peanuts pretty much echoed all the others. Jeff Carlisle, Procurement Manager for the Southwest stated, “Quality and Quantity were both good this year. From start to finish, it has been a pretty good year for us and our producers. They didn’t really have any weather problems to deal with during harvest and that helped us get things wrapped up early with no quality damage due to weather.” Jeff stated that Birdsong is just about done. “We have a few more guys we are waiting on but should be wrapped up in a few days.”

Mason Becker felt like his peanuts this year were decent. “We didn’t have any record breaking yields but across the board they were slightly better than average. The grades were good overall.” Mason also stated he feels this year was more of a peanut year than a cotton year for his operation, anyway.

Garrett Green was not as pleased with his peanut crop this year. “I was pretty disappointed in them. I had some water issues that hurt in some and others just didn’t ma

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