Goobers looking good

July 10, 2017

“The peanuts look fantastic right now.” Those were the words of Michael Franke, General Manager of Birdsong Peanuts. “The rains could not have come at a better time for these peanuts and setting a crop.”

This is the feeling from all the peanut companies in Terry County, as well as all the peanut producers. If everything holds together, it looks like there could be a bumper crop of peanuts this year.

Grady Herron, General Manager of Tejas Peanuts stated, “The rainfall has been such a blessing. We are looking for a really good harvest.”

J.R. Cudd, General Manager of All-Star Peanuts stated, “Right now, everything looks great. There is lots of moisture underneath.”

The amount of peanuts planted this year is up from last year, too. “I’d say we are up about 20% over last year,” stated Cudd.

Franke said they were up significantly over where they were last year. And the good thing is producers are not seeing much pressure from disease or pests right now.

The peanut harvest will likely begin around the end of September to the first part of October. Peanut harvesting is a two part process. The digging takes place on one day and then the thrashing or actual gathering in will take place after a sufficient drying time. Usually four or five days, or so.

So, if things hold together, it looks like the peanut harvest will be big this fall. With so many producers, particularly in the northern part of the county having lost so much cotton to hail, a great peanut harvest could certainly go a long way toward keeping them in business.

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