Dicamba training requirement

December 26, 2017

Just a reminder to producers planning to use dicamba in the next year: New regulations for use require a mandatory training for every person who will be applying dicamba to any crop.

Texas Department of Ag has approved the auxin-specific herbicide training for applicators that will be provided through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Allied Industry. This training aims to educate applicators on the requirements and practices for keeping these dicamba based products on target and will satisfy the newly mandated auxin-specific training.

Trainings began the first week of December and will be delivered in various 2017-2018 Winter Meetings and via video presentations by Texas A&M AgriLive Extension, BASF and Monsanto.

The specific times and locations of these training opportunities will be announced over the next months. Please contact your local Extension Office for more information at 637-4060.

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Category: Agriculture